B2B Ecommerce Platform: 5 Benefits of Running Unified B2B and B2C Online Store

With B2B ecommerce platform, attract high-value customers at scale! Here are 5 benefits of running a unified B2B and B2C online store!
More and more companies and organizations are selling to both businesses and consumers in order to increase their market share and grow sales. Companies and organizations that make a product or sell in larger quantities can use economies of scale and generate high margins selling directly to consumers rather than companies at a bulk discount.
Many companies have split up their websites for B2C and B2B channels to offer online purchases a pleasant shopping experience and simplify operations. Amazon marketplace, for example, did this with a different URL so now you can purchase as a consumer and as a business.

Shopify B2B Ecommerce Platform: Everything B2B Ecommerce Customers Want

Shopify Plus ecommerce solution makes meeting your B2B customers needs easy with all the B2B features at your disposal.
With Shopify B2B ecommerce platform, you can:
  • Create vibrant user experiences across screen sizes and devices
  • Customize onsite search and navigation to improve discoverability
  • Leverage 100+ payment gateways
  • Repeat buyers from any Shopify store can checkout faster with Shopify Pay
  • Personalize the checkout
Shopify B2B ecommerce platform is a wholesale solution for resellers, retailers, and high-volume accounts. You can allow your customers to:
  • Track, purchase, and reorder
  • Create custom-made price list, volume-based discounts
  • Set maximum, minimum, and quantity increments
  • Review and edit orders
  • Sync orders, inventory, and customers automatically
With Shopify, you can grow both your B2C and B2B sales. Yes, you can run both stores from one account. You can use your Shopify store for retail and wholesale sales.
Selling both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business to business) is a balancing act and comes with numerous benefits.

Benefits of Running Shopify Store for Retail and Wholesale Sales

Here are some of the key benefits of running the Shopify store for both retail and wholesale sales:

– Less Technical Overhead: When running a unified online store, you only have one code base and theme to manage. Let’s face it – it is much easier to manage one store than two. There may be some personalization to do, however, overall it is less work and effort than maintaining, updating, and changing two online stores.

– Unified Catalog Management: One online store allows you to manage all of your items in one unified database. You can sell different items to different customers. One way to accomplish this is to offer specific products to your wholesale clients while offering more options to your regular customers.

 – One Store and Brand to Promote: You only have one business name, one website, and online store for customers to remember. What’s even more important, you have one brand to promote. This is much easier for advertisements and marketing.
– Simpler Operations: With one online store for retail and wholesale sales, you have one place to integrate into ERP, CRM, and other systems. Simpler operations, integrations, and systems are better than running multiple websites that may require different integrations.
– B2B Buyers Expect B2C Shopping Experience: B2B buyers want to buy quickly, efficiently, and at a good price. Having an experience that allows B2B buyers to search, compare, learn about the product, and purchase quickly is what is usually desired.
Having one online store for both b2B and B2C makes it simpler to offer a consumer-like shopping experience. You may only have to offer B2B personalization such as paying via invoice, better pricing, and other necessary B2B options.
With Shopify B2B ecommerce platform, you can expand your market and sell both to B2C and high-volume customers.