Multichannel Ecommerce Platform

Multichannel Ecommerce Platform: Triple Your Sales With Shopify Plus!

Why do you need multichannel ecommerce platform?

Many assume multichannel ecommerce platform as the future of ecommerce. However, it’s the present. It offers incomparable ability to merchants from selling to market their products across any online channel, anytime.

Now, when it comes to customers, they are not only visiting your shop, they are buying through Amazon, through Instagram and from many others. While the opportunities given by multi-channel ecommerce are endless, running a multichannel selling strategy comes with its own headaches. In fact, inventory management becomes nearly an impossible task. Looking for a solution? If you want to automate your day-to-day tasks, enhance customer recognition, handle sales data and analytics into a single location, then multichannel ecommerce platform is the only solution.

However, picking the right multichannel ecommerce software can be overwhelming. Many questions can popped into your head like – What platform should you opt for your business? How will you sync inventory and orders?

What is Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software?

Multichannel ecommerce software basically centralizes the process of listing, selling, and handling various online platforms to provide the same positive shopping journey and coordinate data flow across every domain of business including inventory, shipping, analytics and marketing.

Apart from getting ease and peace of mind, retailers can use multichannel ecommerce software for the following good reasons.

  • It helps managing your business better and makes your life simpler.
  • Let you update your stocks and prices for all marketplaces from one screen.
  • Allows you to create monthly and weekly reports on your sales and returns.
  • Retailers can know what they are selling well than other items.
  • Helps in optimization of inventory management

Why choose Shopify Plus as multichannel ecommerce solution?

Here’s why every ecommerce seller should choose Shopify plus over others.

  • Diversity

Shopify plus is equipped with the right features that enables retailers to effectively sell everywhere. The ecommerce platform grants access to more than 20 sales channels under one roof. To name a few, you can choose to sell via Shopify’s online store, Shopify Buy Button, Shopify Wholesale Channel, Shopify POS, direct integration to the world’s biggest marketplaces Amazon, eBay and many more. You are just a click away to list your business anywhere.

  • Specificity

On one hand, Shopify lets you integrate everywhere with its diverse options, the same platform knows how to deliver unique experience as well. In fact, Shopify plus allows you to choose a right channel where you can find your customers and fulfill their expectations. Having multichannel ecommerce specificity feature enables precise selling and give a chance to specifically target only those channels which makes more sense for your unique product.

  • Unity

Shopify plus has the ability to consolidate your internal operations well. From inventory to marketing and shipping, platform works to centralize everything around a single hub. This way you don’t need to hop between systems to see the entire picture.


As a retailer, you don’t need to bounce from one app to another. Instead, you can overcome just any operational struggle when you opt for multichannel ecommerce platforms.

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