Strategies to Try Out When Marketing On Shopify.

Shopify indeed is one of the most used e-commerce platforms in India. That is because it is a simple platform that anyone with the ability to read ca easily use to build up an online shop. While selling online is what many people expect when they open an online store, marketing on Shopify is another task that has not been easy for everyone. What many people don’t know is that Shopify has a robust app store that is full of applications that you can use to build a reliable online marketing system.

Try out the sales avenues

Shopify is one of the seamless that you will never find ion the Indian market. That is because the platform is in partnership with the various giants in the e-commerce industry like Amazon and eBay. There are also other several sales avenues that you can choose to market your items online. However, you need to understand that some of the sales avenues provided are only available in specific countries. For example, you can only sell with Shopify through eBay only is you are located in the United States.

Set up shops on social media

Shopify makes it possible for you to open an online shop on social media platforms like Facebook. This is a technique that has benefited several people because some people will never look for items to buy unless they are convinced. Another thing is that many people who use social media don’t like it when they have to leave the platform to buy something online. Buy setting up an online shop; you will allow your customers to shop without leaving what they were doing.


Being a scalable platform, Shopify is built to ensure that you can carry out any e-commerce exercise you want. From discounted sales to coupon promotions, there are always so many things that you can do to attract traffic on your online shop. That is because Shopify makes work simple by working out the percentage of your discounts and reflecting it on the products that are on promotion. With a platform that lacks this capability, you are likely to miss the customers who are looking for a better offer and experience so that they can identify the right online shops to buy items.

Proper product description

Although many people ignore this, one of the easiest ways to market your products on Shopify is by providing the right product prescription. Remember that part of marketing is usually to give the customers an accurate idea about a particular product. Also, since you are selling online, you will need high-quality photos and videos. Good product description will help convince a customer faster than a product with a shallow summary. That is why all the products on your online shop must be described without forgetting any information no matter how small. From colour to size and even shape, you need to take account of every detail.

Search engine optimization

It is good to know that most purchases hat are done online usually begin on search engines. Someone will want to type in specific keywords depending on what they are looking for. That is why optimization is essential for e-commerce websites. With a platform like Shopify, search engine optimization can be natural. That is because you can find many SEO tools to work. For search engine optimization to work correctly for you, you need to understand your industry and customers in particular. Know the kind of words that they are most likely to use when liking for your products online.

Start a blog

One of the benefits of working with Shopify as your e-commerce platform is it has unlimited space. That means you can upload as many items as you want on your website. Since traffic is what you require the most, you should understand that shoppers may come to your site not to shop alone. With more people embracing online marketing, people these days know that they need to research before they can buy anything. As an online seller in a particular industry, you can be a reliable source of information through blogs.


Other than marketing your Shopify online store alone, you can always use influencers to attract more customers fast. What you need to ensure, however, that is, your website is in a state to handle the kind of traffic that you are asking for. Shopify is known to the perfect e-commerce platform so far because of the endless list of useful features it has. Influencers, on the other hand, have loyal followers who will buy whatever they influencer promotes.

Customers’ feedback

It is known that customers control everything in any business setting. Through your marketing, you should be able to get various comments from the public who have used your products or want to buy. Shopify provides some of the best tools that can be used to gather the reviews and comments of customers shopping from your store. Since reviews and comments can be dropped anywhere online, it is good to have a tool that brings all these comments together because not will save you more time.

Offline promotions

As much as you are targeting customers to shop on your online store, some of them you will have to market to them directly. Some companies that sell products online have developed a new way of reaching out to customers. You will find that the owners keep looking for public events that are relevant to their products. Speaking in public places is an excellent direct marketing strategy that can win you fast sales. If you can carry around a sample of your items, the better.


Marketing an online shop can be done in many ways. However, you need to ensure that you select the right e-commerce platform because your e-commerce platform supports most of the marketing functionalities. Shopify is one of the platforms with the most applications for customization; it has an endless list of online marketing tools that can help you market across all communication platforms.